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MUDG & Martyr Underground is a Sweden-based fashion house, offering a wide selection of uniquely designed appeals. Our vision is strong, and we are aiming higher and bigger than ever before; we are aiming for the frontier of the Swedish & worldwide fashion society. For us to be the frontiers, we have to work hard and take any necessary action for our appeal to reach a top score on any metrics. 
That's why we have decided, starting on 1st Oct 2022, to only use the best materials, and take time to create something special, to avoid being an environmentally destructive, fast fashion brand. 

Our team(s) will make sure you have the best experience shopping with us. We are proud of every item we release and want you to feel the same. Therefore, we have set up a 24h live support, to help you with any general questions, so that you can be proud of your purchase. We at MUDG & Martyr Underground thank you deeply for choosing us and are looking forward to seeing you. Thank you. 


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