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1. Shipping.

We ship worldwide using express shipping, 

please check SHIPPING for your country's availability. Some countries will temporarily not be shipped to due to certain events.

1.1 Shipping fees.

Usually, there will be no shipping fees when a package enters your country. If there is; we can not do anything about it sadly. This varies from country to country, and their customs. 

1.2 Shipping as a gift.

If you have chosen to add gift wrapping or such to your order, we will make sure that the package is packed in a nice and such way that the receiver won't know that the package isn't from us. If you need help with the process, please CONTACT us. 

1.3 Shipping times. 

We cannot guarantee that the package is delivered at the exact moment we estimate, due to countries' different customs being more strict than others and will examine/hold the package for longer than others. 
We are estimating the shipping time on thousands of earlier shipped orders, plus what the post office estimates.

2. Order.

After your order is placed you will receive a confirmation mail in the inbox of the entered email address. 

When your item is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation in the same inbox!

2.1 Order return.

If you want to return an item or a full order, please contact our SUPPORT.  They will help you make it as easy as possible. VISIT THIS PAGE

Unfortunately, we do not accept every return due to different situations.

MUDG is not responsible for any return costs, or lost or damaged packages, the customers have to take full responsibility for the return and shipping label. 

Our support answering times are;


Online web support, answering hours (CET).

Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 20:00

Sat-Sun: 10:00 - 18:00

Holidays: 10:00 - 18:00

2.2 Order cancellation.

We do not cancel orders.

You could contact our SUPPORT and explain your issue, and see if there can be an expectation. 

2.3 Order track.

If you want to track your order please visit our tracking page, where you will be redirected to our chosen tracking service. 

If you have not yet received a tracking number within 1 week of placing your order (not pre-order items), please contact our SUPPORT.

3. General - Preorder.

Pre-order means that, when you place your order, we will add it to a very limited list of items to produce! 

​Expect the item to be shipped within 2 - 3 weeks!

​Read the description of the item you are buying to know the estimated time of production. And or if the item is a pre-order product. If you have any questions please CONTACT us. 

3.1 General - Wash.

You will find washing instructions on the inside label of the product. 

​The washing label is located on the right side of the inner seam.

3.2 General - Extra Fine.

MUDG & Martyr Underground always aims at creating products from fine materials, and items with appealing designs. We at MUDG work around the clock to find the best material and create the best products for our customers.

4. How to order online?

You are able to order online easily due to our optimized website.


1. Please choose your preferred item, in our shop. We will soon feature different tabs such as "men", "women" and "accessories".


2. Select your item/items of choice, select sizes or "os". 


3. Add to basket -> checkout, or continue shopping. 


4. Please pay using our payment methods at the checkout; Amex, Maestro, Paypal, Visa, etc... Payment


5. After checking out please wait for your confirmation mail.  


6. While waiting, you can continue shopping or explore our website. 

4. Releases?

For more information, and push notifications about our releases, please make sure to follow our SOCIALS, and sign up for our NEWSLETTERS

We always inform via mail & Instagram about upcoming releases and/or events. 

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